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LEADSTAR was established in 2004 to provide the insurance industry with a quality lead alternative. Our leads are DNC compliant because they are direct mail responses. The average closing ratio is one of the highest in the lead industry and is used by many national insurance companies.
Take the guesswork out of prospecting. LEADSTAR can supply you with quality prospects who have handwritten their phone number and are expecting a call.

LeadStar, LLC

PO Box 815745
Dallas, TX
1-866-314-LEAD (5323)
Fax: (972) 241-6248
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Q - How long does it take to start getting leads?
A - Normally your leads should start arriving in 12 to 20 days from your order date. This will vary according to data availability and how quickly the homeowner fills out the “lead”, there is no guarantee.
Q - How many leads will I get?
A - LeadStar does not know how many leads will be returned on a specific mailing! What we can do is give you historical data statistics and hopefully they will repeat themselves. Please remember that to get an average there will be high and low returns, that is why we suggest for you to place a minimum of three monthly orders so that you will get the "average".
Q - What is the difference between your way of generating leads and other companies?
A - IF a typical "lead" company gets ten leads in a day from a particular location, and IF they have ten agents in that locale, they will selectively give each agent one lead. LeadStar identifies each mail piece with an exclusive "agent id number". This ensures each agent that YOU are the only person to receive that particular lead from us! YOU set your own demographics and YOU get all of the returns.
Q -
What is meant by exclusive?
A - LeadStar guarantees that another agent will not receive the same "lead name" as you, for 90 days! Our recording and verification methods check all present and past leads by name and address to ensure YOU are the only agent to receive the lead. YOUR individual customer number is actually printed on every piece mailed for you!
Q -
What is meant by "Protected Areas" ?
A - With this type of lead the mailings are limited by the amount of data available. The freshest 1,000 records available from your selected area are used, and if there is more data it is used for another agent. If you want a protected area, you will need to make a commitment to mail all of the data that is available in your geographical area each month. As long as you order each month and use all of the data that is available you will be the only agent allowed.



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